Next door to the smiths.


Every time we meet!
Mark always feels as if he is playing an extremely interesting game.
It’s called You You Don’t Know I Don’t Know Who You Are!
Especially in Palm Community, John Smith and Jane Smith look at Mark and his fiancee Kate every time they hold a community networking event, just as a mouse looks at a cat warily.
I’m afraid that if I don’t pay attention, FBI agents and NCIS agents will suddenly arrest them and then count the secret service members from all sides to form a trend of encirclement …
Change rooms?
Hmm. How interesting
Let’s just say that the price of a single-family house in Palm Community is about three million dollars.
Do killers make money or not?
The answer is to make money.
But …
There are many places to spend money.
Especially for John and Jane.
These two people are already partners in the killer organization, and sometimes they can draw 50% directly at a time, but all the equipment and weapons they need are self-provided
Yeah, yeah.
The killer business is almost the same as the origin of the earth express industry.
It’s a platform, and then the small motor car brings its own …
Plus two people don’t know where to hear words. The most dangerous place is the safest place.
It is …
Even knowing that a federal tycoon Smith lives next door to his house, he and his wife have no plans to move.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mark, didn’t know their true identity, and Mark was glad not to reveal it.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s business base is foreign and has nothing to do with Mark’s FBI
Even if some people are angry, it’s a CIA matter.
Anyway, I have offended the CIA many times.
Don’t worry about too much debt.
Just after work this afternoon, the CIA boss directly called Mark to question the cargo ship in the tomb prison.
Evidence for the CIA fools? What is that? There’s no need for them to doubt …
The next day!
When Ron Turk walked into the new york courthouse with his team and two women wearing sunglasses at half an hour earlier, it was the moment that Mark fought back against the dwarf!
At 9: 12, the judge of new york court formally accepted the lawsuit filed by N&G on behalf of Ron Turk.
New york Central Daily and new york Central Daily official website are published simultaneously by the reporting lines written by gold medal reporter Anna …
A pony nail can cause the demise of an empire.
A bullet with a cost of no more than one US dollar can also trigger a large-scale battle that spreads all over the world.
On game theory
Mark asked himself that he was not inferior to others.
When he originated from the earth, he was good at this kind of struggle.
Otherwise, can he sit in the position where thousands of businessmen were in charge of life and death?
"Still not selling?"
"Wait a minute!"
At home in Brooklyn, Mark looked at Walter in the video with a smile on his face and a glass of wave. He smiled and said, "Let the bomb fly for a while."
Walter "…"
Mark’s plan to return the gift to the dwarf was formed yesterday.
After repeatedly confirming that there are no loopholes in the plan
Mark directly let Walter’s real gold and platinum in far Los Angeles sweep the market. Tesla shares …
"I’m out."
As Dadada came up the stairs towards the main bar, Mark said, "Gwen found us a short-term job."