Glass foam nai stroke forehead with a sigh, eyes left to fall to the ground, and the pupil of the game machine is locked in miniature! Looking up is almost an imperative tone, "Give me all your games!"


Half an hour later, Li Mo looked at her eyes and piled up like a bag of things. "I’ll pay you back on Monday!" " Say that finish very calm back before the hill natural and unrestrained away …
? ? ? Why did cut the original dumbfounded and leave like this? ? ? Then I speak English! ! ! Turned his head bitter ha ha a face to smile brilliantly xingcun jingshi "minister? ? ?”
"Ha ha, in this case, let’s wait until Monday! Maybe there are unexpected surprises! " Li Mo’s words should be surprising but her small body is trustworthy!
Huh? ? ? Wait? Senior Limo, my English depends on you, but there is not much time left. What should I do if she waves like this for a day? ? ? Leave it to her. She just gave me a note. Let’s count it …
So everyone in Kirihara Akaya picked up English notes with incredible eyes and worked hard seriously …
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Chapter 27 Brain-dead? Kidnapping
On the streets of Kanagawa, a Rolls Royce Phantom sped past the intersection and stopped.
The trace hits the convertible elbow, leans against the window, caresses the tears in the corner of the eye and looks at the traffic lights. "It’s really not gorgeous!"
I didn’t hear the frown of the response trace until I remembered that things were too urgent to go out with birch today.
For a second, the eyes of the trace department locked on a small body wearing Lihai University and carrying a hill behind it. It’s not gorgeous. Is Lihai University empty?
The car strode over, directly picked up the hill behind her, threw it into the passenger seat, and then opened the door by itself.
? ? ? This car is quite comfortable. Do a good job of wearing a light mouth. "Road number!"
Just in time, Ann is going to start the corners of the car tracks. Does this unattractive woman regard Grandpa Gorgeous as a coachman?
"Uh huh? Are you so casual about other people’s cars when you are not gorgeous? " Traces can see the forehead intersection beating. Why doesn’t she resist a little? Aren’t you worried that others will plot against her? In the blink of an eye, the eyes are bright and deep, and there are rough waves hidden in the fundus.
"Will you still have a top convertible with a limited ball and come out to kidnap people?" Glass foam is still no hurry no favour way
Huh? She wants to say that only a grandfather can make such a gorgeous thing when the corner of her eye is drawn! Uncle, is her eyes so stupid? It’s not gorgeous!
A dead end in a street, a girl with long black hair, her eyes full of fear, looked at the person who pushed herself into the corner. The girl was dressed in Lihai University, a high school, 16 cm tall, good-looking, melon face, black pupils, big eyes shining with tears, red nose, small cherry mouth and passive Nuo Nuo, which gave people a feeling that I was especially pitiful.
"What are you … what are you doing?" What should I do if the girl with her back against the wall shivers? Dad, where are you? Where’s dad’s hand? If I had known, I wouldn’t have driven my father away. Are you going to be kidnapped now? It’s horrible to say …
"What to do? Ha ha, little sister, you’d better come with us, if you don’t want to hurt your hand! " A thin young man sneered.
"Also bothersome with her what the buyer is not to say that the sooner the better? It would be bad to miss something! " Next to a slightly fatter man, he went straight ahead …
"Wait a minute! ! !” The girl held out her hands to stop the man. "I’ll go with you! You can’t hit me! "
How can the girl escape when she looks at the two people behind her? Why am I so miserable? Meowed … Dad, where are you? Sophia Kao is so scared …
The fatter man took a taxi by the side of the road and took the driver’s seat. The other skinny man directly put the unwilling girl in the back seat and followed suit himself.
I don’t know if this scene just falls into the eyes of Li Mo and is kidnapped? Why does that girl look so familiar in Lihai University?
Glass foam rubbed his temple where have you seen it?
Ah! ! ! I remember that day when I bumped into myself at the school gate and often followed me secretly. The little white rabbit took one more look at her because her black pupil was very clear and clean. She was kidnapped? ? ?
A fat man in a building in the business district of Tokyo, with his hands back to many windows, looked down at the crowds and vehicles coming and going.
"Boss, since you’ve decided what to find two incompetent gangsters?" Another man in the house questioned
The man turned around with a sigh. "That man is too clever! Ok, you go out! "
"hey!" A man bows and leaves the house.
The middle-aged man sat on the leather sofa next to him, lit a cigar with his legs crossed, and looked into the distance through the French window. Fortunately, he succeeded and sent her directly to the adult. If he didn’t succeed, he wouldn’t get angry!
Take a sip of the cigar in your hand and vomit a cigarette. Ah, karma! What karma!
Chapter 20 Brother, I picked up a junior!
"Hey, change the position!" Glass foam expression dignified eyes staring at the car has been started.
I didn’t expect to look cold all the time. She was unexpectedly a good predecessor! But shouldn’t such a thing be handed over to the police? "Women should mind their own business!"
"Hurry up!" Li Mo frowns and doesn’t know what she wants to do. She just wants to save that girl. Her eyes are the cleanest black pupil I have ever seen! Very friendly color