It’s not something that ordinary people can do, but it’s aimed at monks, because their magical powers are often hidden, evil and magical, and their precautions are unimaginable and harmful.


There are still some means that are difficult for ordinary people to find, and even if they are found, it is difficult to find evidence, especially if they can get evidence from modern courts, not to mention ancient courts.
At the beginning, it cost a lot to reach this consensus. If we don’t set up a farewell order, the monks will fight with each other, and there will be a lot of trouble. For example, if two people fight in the downtown area, who will be killed, and others say that they may be fine themselves, but a large number of people around them may be dead.
Who will stop it if it goes like this? All the major doors should be stopped together! Whoever dares to break the precepts will be punished in advance, thus deterring and admonishing everyone to self-discipline
Hua Zhen’s trip frowned and said, "Suppose a situation. If I want to kill a wicked villain, he runs into the downtown area and threatens me that if I dare to do it, he will enlarge it. What should I do?"
Yang Tehong wry smile way "you said this kind of person is not tied to a bomb hostage terrorist points? But his weapon wasn’t a bomb. At that time, he tried to move the bait-and-switch device, so you did what the police did. But for a monk, there is another commandment …
Let me give you an example. If I am an old man with nothing bad and you are an expert with special skills, what will you do if someone tries to force you to do something but can’t do anything about it? "
Hua Zhen line "that there is nothing to say dry dead him on the spot! Even if he wants to escape, I will keep staring at him until I kill him, but I can’t let him have a chance to kill you. "
Yang Tehong smiled "good, good, good, he committed a total punishment! The friar has his own business, but many of his parents, wives, relatives and friends are ordinary people. Friar disputes should not be threatened by the other side’s family. This means is hard to prevent and is extremely harmful. Later, the joint punishment was extended, and the blackmail of the people was equivalent to this kind.
For example, if someone wants to blackmail you, if you don’t agree to his terms, he will declare that he will slaughter the village and say that all those people will die because of you. This idiot has also committed a joint punishment. If you have the ability, kill him. If you don’t have the ability, call a helper to kill him. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "Oh, I understand that fighting between two people may not be a third party’s business, but if one person does this, it will endanger everyone. If someone takes hostages in Yang Zong, can I ask you to help kill him?"
Yang Tehong: "Why are you so confused? You said that kind of thing is whether the public security case is a loose ring or a total punishment ring. It is also a kind of self-protection … "
Things like plaguing villages, killing all living beings and blackmailing Li Min happen every day in Non-Suo Port. Whether it is normal for monks to do things here or not, it seems a bit chatty to talk about abstinence in this place, but old man Yang still talked today about the self-discipline of the group department that may be more powerful and harmful to monks.
"Stop interrupting and get to the point!" At this moment, Shang Tong put in a sentence and didn’t know who it was.
Yang Tehong waved a tree and a litchi flew to peel and spit out the core and eat it. This was the slow way. "It’s time to integrate theory with practice! Whether it’s the gold gang Locke or the Poseidon gang Poseidon, strictly speaking, they didn’t break the rules. I know these two people are foreign monks these years, but I didn’t pay attention to them. "
At this time, Ke Mengchao interjected, "If we don’t mean to walk away from it, we won’t violate it, but Xiaohua, you should pay attention in the future. Maybe someone will give you trouble with this excuse."
Hua Zhenxing wondered, "What’s the trouble with me?"
Yang Tehong was dissatisfied. "This is not my interruption!"
Ke Mengchao waved his hand. "Ok, you continue to say that I won’t interrupt."
Yang Tehong said, "The Sanxing Ring just introduced is the most accurate summary in the ancient classical Chinese of the East, but the same scripture has different pronunciations and various understandings of Sanxing Ring. Later, there are two most popular vernacular words, such as’ Don’t cast spells in downtown to shock the world’ and’ Don’t show your magical powers in front of ordinary people’. Even if you have to, you should try to hide it."
Hua Zhen smiled, "Well, I have also read in my magic novels that it is forbidden to cast magic in front of Muggles."
Yang Tehong "You are still laughing! According to your dream, you will build a happy country in the future, and you will integrate the cultivation of yuan into the righteous education. Do you know what this means? "
Hua Zhen line "is there anything wrong with this? Which of these three crimes has been committed: disturbing the countryside, harming all living beings and blackmailing the people? I understand that it’s all involved in promoting the art of nourishing the yuan because of the scattered behavior and the fruit.
Don’t cast spells in the downtown area. We don’t have a downtown area. What about the research room and processing center? Don’t be shocking. If everyone knows what’s going on, there is nothing to be alarmed about!
Show your magical powers in front of ordinary people. I want to ask, beginners are ordinary people. If you don’t show your demonstrations, how can you teach people to learn? There is no need to show off in public, but it is not worth advocating and violates the study discipline. "
Ink Shang Tong couldn’t help but insert "Xiaohua said that logically there is no problem"
Yang Tehong stared at him, too lazy to care about it, and continued to ask, "What if someone learns the art of nourishing the yuan? I don’t mean the root method, but cultivates special abilities and then uses them to commit crimes?"
Is there any difference between the legal consequences of hitting people with a rocket launcher and a fireball in Hua Zhen? What should I do? I took a rifle and crossed a hundred meters away a thousand years ago. It was really shocking to kill people with one shot. But today, who can use a broken rifle as an artifact to figure out how it kills people? "
Ink Shang Tong and small echo 1 "makes sense!"
Yang Tehong "Then how to trace it?"
Hua Zhen’s trip "Since Dugong promoted the art of nourishing the Yuan, everyone knows what those special abilities are, and tracing people certainly knows what’s the difference between this and ordinary investigation? I don’t object to the practice of stepping aside. On the contrary, I will write the practice of stepping aside into the education department and into the laws of Huanxiang country to set up a special agency to investigate such cases. "
Yang Tehong "guarantee to find out?"
Hua Zhen trip "The police can’t guarantee that they can solve the case 100%. I want to ask a question: How do you find out that someone has violated the loose ring?"
Yang Tehong "Of course, it was found out by Godsworn Zongmen."
Hua Zhen line one stand hands "it’s not come on! You can think of the country as the world as a big door. "